The Most Important Holiday in June

As spring turns into summer during the month of June, there’s an upcoming holiday on which we celebrate a remarkable friend and parent. I am of course talking about my wife, whose birthday is on June 14.

You might notice Marjorie’s birthday is a few days before Father’s Day. In my family, we celebrate my wife’s birthday first with much pomp and circumstance; then, in the aftermath, I might get a tie or some power tools for Dad’s Day. All right, maybe Father’s Day isn’t completely forgotten, but it definitely takes second place to my wife’s birthday — not that you’ll ever hear me complaining.

A few months ago, I shared the story about how Marjorie and I met on our first day of MBA school. After this beautiful CPA volunteered to help me with accounting homework, I thought I was so clever when I convinced her we should grab something to eat instead. Looking back on it, there was no reason Marjorie should have spent that entire meal with me. When we arrived at the restaurant, I tucked a napkin into my shirt — oh yeah, I was real smooth.

Despite my lack of napkin etiquette, we sat and talked for hours about everything that came to mind that evening. I’m not sure if it was the stories Marjorie told, the way she smiled, or the light in her eyes, but before the night ended I knew I would marry this woman. Though, I did have a moment of pause when I learned her dad’s nickname was Chainsaw. She quickly clarified he owned a tree-cutting company, dispelling the images of the 1974 movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which danced briefly through my head.

As I reflect, I realize now that offering to help me with accounting may have been Marjorie’s strategy to trick me into a date. She obviously saw right through my trap from the beginning, but still ate dinner with me and went on to invite me to hang out later. Our acquaintanceship evolved into a friendship, which turned into dating until the day we were married in Maui.

I was there the whole time, but I find it hard to believe this amazing woman is my wife. Marjorie’s still a CPA, and she handles all the accounting for the firm on top of running her own travel agency. She always has a lot on her plate, yet she still finds time to spend with family, put up with me, and even plan a gender reveal party to celebrate our eldest daughter’s first pregnancy.

With as much as Marjorie does, I’m happy to have her birthday overshadow Father’s Day just a little. Please let me take a moment to wish a very happy birthday to my wife. Marjorie, you’re wonderful, and I cannot picture my life without you!