What You Should and Should Not Say on Police Reports

When any type of accident occurs, it is a wise idea to file a police report (in fact, it’s the law in many states). Filing this type of report can ensure that your story is completely documented at the time of the accident. Following an accident, you (or your lawyer) may use this report to determine what really happened or how an accident occurred.

What should you say when the report is written? What should you do after it is written? Here’s what you need to know.

Filing The Report

  1. Make sure that you are honest. The one thing that many people do all too often lies in a police report. Sometimes, this happens because a person is frazzled after an accident, or that person does not want to be blamed for an accident. Other times, it seems like a good idea to bend the truth in your favor, but TRUST ME, this is NOT a good idea!
    1. Not only is it far too complicated to think ahead and attempt to look innocent on a report, but it’s also something that will trip you up in court (if an accident ever goes to court). Whatever you have lied about will come to light, and it will look like you can’t be trusted immediately.
  2. Take the time to read the report. After writing a police report, an officer may ask you to look over the report. Even though you might be stressed, tired, or unable to concentrate, make sure to take the time to review the report. If anything is missing or has not been recorded properly, do tell the officer on the spot. It is very hard to change a report after it has been filed.
  3. Do not argue with the other person involved in an accident. You may hear that another person telling the police a different story and you disagree with what they are saying; however, it is best to simply file your own account of what happened and not start an argument. Police officers are recording every detail of what happens after an accident - and you do not want to be reprimanded for disorderly conduct.
  4. Do not admit to anything that you did not do or that you do not know to be the truth. If an officer suggests something, think clearly about it. If you do not feel right about that detail, ask that it not be included in the report, or that the officer make a note that you did not agree with said statement. If you feel that you are not being given a fair report, it is important to call your lawyer immediately.

Help When Needed

Sometimes a police report is not filed properly or you might have felt pressured when the police officer was writing the report. If either of these is the case, make sure to contact the Dellutri Law Group immediately - we will provide you with a free case evaluation, and we may be able to help!