5 Visibility Tips to Help Avoid a Cape Coral Motorcycle Accident

With this in mind, we would like to share five important tips for improving your visibility on the road:

  1. Use reflective stickers on helmets, which makes the highest part on your bike—your head—more conspicuous and helps ensure that other motorists will spot you. Flames, stripes, thunderbolts, flags, skull, and crossbones; whatever your taste, there are reflective stickers and tapes that look cool during the day and glow at night.
  2. Wear reflective or light-colored clothing. Reflective vests now come in many styles in addition to the standard orange and yellow mesh vests familiar to most riders. Motorcycle jackets also now come with reflective patches. If wearing regular clothing, choose light- or bright- colored shirts that are more easily seen than grays, browns, or black.
  3. Make sure daytime running lights are operational and turned on not only because this will make you safer – but it is also the law in Florida. Most motorcycles now come with automatic daytime running lights, but if you are riding an older model, always ride with your low beams on during the day.
  4. Equip your bike with a DOT-approved headlight modulator. Modulators draw attention by altering the frequency of your headlight beam, which makes it appear to get intermittently brighter and dimmer. Add reflectors or reflective tape to your bike. Custom reflectors are available for most motorcycles and can be added without sacrificing appearance.
  5. Reflective tape on saddlebags and panniers glows bright white when hit by headlights. Some “stealth” tapes are designed to be almost invisible during the day yet appear white at night.