Could Technology Help Deter Fort Myers Pedestrian Crashes?

As Fort Myers injury attorneys, we are always interested in new ways to help deter pedestrian crashes. Therefore, a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) caught our eye. It examined how crash avoidance technologies may help prevent these types of accidents.

As detailed by Consumer Reports, 19 vehicle models are currently equipped with forward collision warning systems, which use sounds to alert the driver of a potential crash with another vehicle. If the driver fails to respond, the brakes automatically kick in and slow the vehicle. The latest IIHS study investigates a new type of system that is designed to warn drivers about collisions with pedestrians as well as cars.

The “pedestrian detection system” uses radar technology to detect people in the vehicle’s path. Because most pedestrian accidents involve a person crossing a roadway and colliding with a vehicle that often fails to brake, the IIHS estimates that the pedestrian detection systems could prevent an additional 39,000 crashes and nearly 3,000 fatalities.

Unfortunately, it could be a while before this technology is widely available in all makes and models. The new system is currently only available in one Volvo vehicle. Therefore, we urge drivers to continue to use their own senses to remain alert for pedestrians. For helpful tips, please see our prior posts.

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