PIP Reform Passed by Governor Rick Scott

There was a rumor that a PIP reform bill was going to Governor Rick Scott. It seems that PIP is once again being called into question. Well, PIP fraud is actually being called into question, and now it is a billion-dollar tax on Floridians.

When a person is injured in an automobile accident, they should immediately seek medical attention. Their automobile insurance is primary. This means that before breaking out the health insurance card, the injured party should provide the medical provider with their PIP coverage. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection benefits under your automobile insurance policy. PIP is mandatory in all auto insurance policies in the State of Florida.

The Insurance Industry is alleging that automobile insurance costs are going through the roof because of PIP fraud. A recent article cited to an Insurance Agent who stated that 25% of the cost of automobile insurance is because of PIP fraud. First, if you know me, you know that I have a big problem with people just spouting things off without a reasonable basis for the information. How does an Insurance Agent quantify what a single mom cost of the insurance fraud is in the entire State of Florida? I don't know. Why didn't the article cite someone from the Department of Insurance in Tallahassee? Or, someone from State Farm or Allstate? Even though you would have to take their opinions with a grain of salt, at least the opinion would carry a little more weight.

Now, PIP reform has passed and it appears that several massage clinics were raided in Cape Coral, Florida. Is this really necessary? There will be more on this in the future. Stay Tuned.