Lawyer Sues Friend for Rough Handshake

A lawyer based in Delray Beach, George Vallario, Jr., is suing his former friend, Peter Lindley (another lawyer) for shaking his hand too hard. Vallario claims that the handshake was “unexpected, unprovoked, uninvited, unauthorized, uncalled for, and most certainly negligent.” The handshake happened at a child’s birthday party. 

The Case

The handshake happened in February of 2014 but is just heading to court now. Soon, a Florida jury will decide whether or not the handshake was, indeed, harmful. Vallario has told the press that he might not have sued Lindley if Lindley had apologized for the shake. Vallario also claims that he believes the shake was meant to be a joke, but it wound up being too rough.

Vallario was treated by an orthopedic surgeon and arthritis specialists following the rough shake. At the time of this writing, no decision in this case has been made. Presumably, Vallario is suing Lindley for damages done to his hand (both short term and long term). 

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