The Dellutri Difference - This Year We Take Our Office to Tampa

When I was considering opening the Dellutri Law Group, I knew even then that if I was going to do it, my entire goal would be to provide my clients with service they couldn’t find anywhere else. I wanted a place where my clients felt comfortable — a hub where they could get all their questions answered. Since the beginning of the Dellutri Law Group, my team and I have striven to create that unique consumer law practice. While the years have come and gone, and our practice and business models have evolved, that aspect of our team has never wavered. With every passing year and each new case, we never lost sight of our original mission: put the clients first. hopes to grow and expand their market and customer base, we knew that setting our sights on Tampa and St. Petersburg was a huge feat. We didn’t want to take the leap until we knew for absolute certain that we were ready — and we are.

Here’s the thing: Because of our unique approach, not many attorneys do what we do. No matter how much we were going to expand throughout the years, we wanted to protect our consumers from the beginning of their cases all the way until the end. I like to use an alphabet metaphor when explaining our philosophy to new clients. Some lawyers only handle EFJ, while others handle LMNOP. But we handle A through Z. We don’t just think this is the kindest way to do business, we think it’s the only way.

We have taken great steps to get where we are now, and it’s taken a long time, but we are aiming higher. Now that we’ve reached new heights, it’s only become easier to see how far we really want to go. We are committed to our clients and our communities, and we are dedicated to making life better for those individuals who follow us. Whatever we can give, we give. We are on a constant mission to serve and educate, and we are so proud of how far we’ve come. We are ready to tackle 2018 with you!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year’s. We look forward to seeing you soon.