The Beauty of America Resides in Our Rights - Land of the Free Home of the Brave

I love living in the United States of America. We truly do live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I take that seriously because, as an attorney, I’ve sworn to uphold the freedoms bestowed upon us by the Constitution of the United States of America on three separate occasions. Without liberty, we’re no different than any other oppressed nation.

The First Amendment gives us the power to speak our minds and make choices. We’re not made to hide our beliefs in cowardice or hold our opinions out of fear. We can speak freely and openly about whatever we please and experience life in its purest form. This is one of the most amazing rights on the planet. Others may disagree, and that’s fine with me.

The Second Amendment grants us the right to bear arms. Regardless of your stance on the topic, it is currently a right in our Constitution. I won’t get technical and explain the history and case law in detail, but I will tell you that our forefathers thought it was important enough to put into the Constitution, and I don’t believe in taking away the rights of anyone in a free country.

Due process and equal protection are other fundamental rights that not every country guarantees. In some countries, if you take action against the government’s wishes, you could be stripped of everything you own. No questions asked. This doesn’t happen in the USA.

I believe that we can all take solace in the fact that we have unalienable rights. At times, it seems that many Americans take these wonderful freedoms for granted, but I don’t. That’s why I find it necessary to thank the police, the military, and our leaders. Even if I don’t agree with a specific person’s point of view, I’m still thankful that they were willing to step up to the plate.

Go through customs in Russia and see how you’re treated. Visit any other country, and you’ll find out our nation has unparalleled magnificence that permeates every acre of land. If you have never left the USA, you may take this for granted, but I remember a moment that forever changed how I view my home.

I went abroad for law school, and one clear day, I was standing on the White Cliffs of Dover. I could see France across the English Channel, and it was amazing. I was thinking to myself: What is a kid who grew up working on cars in New Jersey doing here? A man with a British accent asked where I was from. When I told him, his response was, “You live in the most beautiful country in the world.” Amazing as my view was that day, I knew he was right.

I believe our future is bright. I believe that one day, people will stop believing everything on social media and start really thinking about our problems and how to solve them. Talking points, arguing, and hate will solve nothing. The more we share and grow together, the more we propel our knowledge forward. That knowledge is the key to solving problems and achieving new levels of prosperity.

The American culture isn’t complicated. We are all from somewhere else. We work hard and treat each other with respect. We see this in times of tragedy. If we commit to these American ideals, I’m confident the rest will take care of itself. What makes this country the greatest in the world isn’t just how our society embraces those two concepts. It’s the fact that you can choose to apply them to your life, or not, without fear of repercussion. Americans will make the right choice. That’s freedom, and that is why I’m optimistic about the United States of America.