Man Killed While Crossing the Road

We often talk about drinking and driving and about driving recklessly. But we are always still shocked when there is an automotive accident - especially one as tragic as the one that happened just last week.

Police discovered a body on Colonial Boulevard near Ortiz Avenue Monday morning. While the accident report is not yet published, it appears to have been a hit and run. The details of the accident have not been released, but we do know that the man was a veteran and that he was walking across the road when he was hit by an oncoming car.

At this time, it does not look like there was any malice involved in this accident. Regardless of the circumstances, we do urge all pedestrians and drivers to be very careful when driving or crossing the street during the early morning hours, especially.

You should always use a crosswalk when attempting to cross a street (even if the street does not appear busy). And when you’re driving, please be vigilant.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the families of those impacted by this accident.