Tragedy Upon Tragedy - Three Fatal Accidents

We regularly bring you automobile accident updates. Yesterday, three separate news stories came across our desks. All of these accidents were serious. None of them were caused by snowbirds. Three fatal accidents in one day. Three.

Car accidents happen nearly every week on our roads. Some days are worse than others. We do not know why there were so many accidents in our area yesterday. What we do know is that most car accidents can be avoided.

With perplexed minds, we present you with the known details of what happened yesterday on our Florida roads.

  • Cape Coral Crash: A 21-year old Cape Coral man, was driving his motorcycle when he lost control and crashed into a Chevrolet Camaro. It is alleged that he had been driving at high speeds when he lost control and was instantly killed. He was wearing a helmet and goggles. The driver of the other vehicle was unharmed. This is the 5th fatal crash in Cape Coral this year. This year.
  • South Fort Myers: A 92-year old gentleman was pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital after his Pontiac Montana collided with a Ford F-250. It seems that he took a left turn directly into the path of the truck, which was driven by a 24-year old man.
  • Estero, Florida: A 32-year old woman died instantly when her Pontiac G6 veered off the road and into a concrete sign and a cluster of shrubs. Due to the impact of the crash, her car went airborne and smashed into a garage where a Dodge Prowler was parked. This crash is still under investigation.

All three accidents were unexpected. All three included people that were not the cause of the accident. While you may not be able to prevent another driver from colliding with you or causing property damage, you can make sure that you have the best attorney on your side to represent you when you are dragged into an accident. Attorneys are all different. We’re different. We promise. Come experience the Dellutri Law Group Difference. The Dellutri Law Group has been representing the interests of individuals injured by distracted drivers for almost twenty years. If you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident, come experience the Dellutri Law Group difference.