Dellutri Law Group 2018 Summer Internship

Dellutri Law Group 2018 Summer Internship CandidatesHave you ever hit a mental roadblock? Recently, I did, and it was on a project that I was really excited about. No matter what I tried to do to get the creative juices flowing - nothing !!! I felt like my brain went on vacation and left me behind. I was able to do all of my other work, but every time I came back to this project, I was staring at a blank page. I tried different times of day, early morning, afternoons, late nights. I tried after working out and after hitting Starbucks – and still had nothing.

If you have hit the wall, you know it is the most frustrating thing on the planet when you are trying to let your creative juices flow, but nothing seems to come together like you pictured in your mind. Well, that was me. I was sitting at my desk trying to get this project moving. It is an amazing project, I might add, that we are eager to introduce to the clients at our firm. Maybe that is why I felt pressured? I am not sure.

So, I thought to myself “what can I do that is going to get this project off the ground.” I realized that I needed some new ideas and some fresh blood. Where would I find these new ideas? Should I reach out to my friends on social media? Maybe. Should I ask my boss? No way, he is counting on me to spearhead this project.

Then it dawned on me…interns. Genius, right? I could give college students in the Tampa area a chance at working on a real legal marketing project that would produce real measurable results. I could give these students a chance to watch their ideas come to life, while also teaching them how to run a marketing campaign. This idea really had the brain waves flowing on how I could structure the project so the interns could create the project piece by piece, and at the same time, I felt like I was making a little progress on my end.

So, the rest was history. After I told Carmen about my idea, he was all in and gave me the green light to create a summer internship program. That little bit of encouragement was all I needed to hit the ground running. Within a few weeks, Carmen and I attended the internship fair at Hillsborough Community College where we received over 30 inquiries. We were so fortunate to meet so many excellent candidates. We thought we would meet like three or four people who might express an interest. We were wrong. We actually had to narrow down the field. We narrowed the list down to those students who impressed us the most, and we were able to recruit 6 amazing interns for the job.

We agreed to meet for the next 7 weeks working on this top-secret project for the firm. Every week, the interns were assigned a new portion of the project and were expected to have it ready for the following meeting. Needless to say, they never missed a beat. Not only were they always on time, but they presented material that was well thought out, relevant, and most importantly creative. Their work product was quite impressive and their ideas were very creative. I felt like a mother hen who was proud of her baby chicks. I was always eager to listen to their questions and to provide the answers that guided their progress. Their questions were thought-provoking and their work product was much more than I could have expected. I was so proud of their progress each week.

When this internship came to an end, it was kind of bittersweet for me. I was beaming with pride for each of them, for their commitment to the project, for the time they dedicated to the project and for the work product that they created. It’s now time for me to take this project to the next step. But, I wasn’t quite done with them yet.

I called each of them individually and talked about their plans moving forward, and I was really impressed. I plan to hear back in the following years from lawyers, doctors, journalists, business owners, and, of course, marketers. I cannot wait to watch these students follow their dreams, and I am honored to have had the privilege of being a part of their team on this journey.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You to Ali, Katia, Sylvia, Destinee, Ginger, and Jacob for making this summer wonderful learning experience for me. Your ideas and work ethic are going to put you eons ahead in life, and I cannot wait to watch you grow from afar!

Here Is What the Interns Are Saying About Their Experience

“When I signed up to be an intern for the Dellutri Law Team, I didn’t know what to expect. At the time, I didn’t know much about the firm or even marketing, but Mr. Carmen Dellutri and Ms. Allison Johnson were so kind and welcoming when they came to my school that I was very excited about becoming a part of their summer team. Mr. Dellutri took the time to meet with us at our first meeting, giving us a clear understanding of the firm and what he wanted us to do. From there, Ms. Johnson met and thoroughly followed up with us every week. She was always available to us and didn’t mind answering questions if we needed help or did not understand something. She was also very encouraging. Ms. Johnson never hesitated to compliment us when she felt that we were doing well and also gave us tips and suggestions that would make our work even better. I am personally grateful for her because before meeting plans were finalized, she would make sure that it was okay with me and the rest of the group due to the fact that I use the local paratransit system and it was hard to make a lot of changes. To be able to be a part of this team is a blessing that I will never take for granted. Thank you, Ms. Johnson, for all your support and for allowing our creative juices to flow!” -Destinee

“Allison, Carmen & The Dellutri Law Group are A M A Z I N G! As an intern, it is not always easy to adjust to the tasks you are assigned to, however; Carmen and Allison welcomed me and my fellow interns with open arms! The experience I have had as an intern for the Dellutri Law Group is one that I will never forget! This experience has exposed me to marketing and Law and I was able to accomplish more than I thought I was capable of! Dellutri Law Group instills respect, honesty, dedication, and passion in their work and overall daily life. Clients present, and past are their priority. My experience with Dellutri Law Group was pure and enriching and I am truly thankful for the knowledge, opportunity, and experience Carmen and Allison have provided me.” - Ali

“The Dellutri Law Group gave me the opportunity to become more aware of the importance a law firm has with clients. I had the honor of being a part of the law firm's summer intern program, where we brainstormed and put together ideas on how The Dellutri Law Group could continue to improve its services and relationships with clients. Along with learning some of the ins and outs of the business, I learned how deeply Carmen cares about his clients, seeing them not just as “clients” but as people who need his help and deserve the best service he can possibly provide always looking for ways to improve his work.” – Katherine

“Dellutri Law Group gave me my first internship opportunity. I was nervous going into it because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do everything that they’d ask of me or if I’d belong. It was very clear after the first meeting that fit would not be an issue. Everyone that I interacted with from the Dellutri Law Group was extremely nice and welcoming and they really give off a friendly vibe which makes for a comfortable atmosphere. Through this internship, I gained invaluable information about the inner workings of a major law firm and made friendships along the way.” - Jacob

“Working with Dellutri Law Group offers an opportunity to develop as a professional and to help the organization develop. As an intern, your thoughts and your contributions are valued as you work alongside respectful and welcoming members. The mission of the firm is inspiring and useful for anyone interested in gaining experience in marketing and advertising. This has been an excellent internship experience and I can’t recommend It highly enough!” – Sylvia