How to Snag the Best School Supply Deals

We’re smack in the middle of summer and few of us want to think about school, crazier work, and life schedules, and all things Autumn-related, but planning ahead will help you get a jump on buying school supplies and saving your sanity.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring you back-to-school updates, tips, and brain-saving ideas for the entire month of August. We’re kicking off this series with a few great tips on buying school supplies at a reasonable rate -- and hopefully avoiding long and tiring lines at your local office supply store.

Here are some ways to snag the best school supply deals before the air gets a bit cooler:

  • Go Office Supply: If you work in an office where you have a connection to an office supply retailer (someone that comes to your office with amazing deals on all things paper and pen), ask that person if you can order for the sake of back to school. Often, these people have great deals on things like pads of paper, pens, and other little things you can buy now in bulk for the whole school year.
  • Shop Online Sales Now: Most people aren’t thinking about school in July, but if you spend some time right now looking at school supply deals, you can probably save a few bucks. Shop and stock up when sales hit.
  • Get Thee to Facebook: Do you belong to a local parent group? See if other parents have supplies that you need. You can swap supplies that you have in bulk for things someone else needs to get rid of, or you might be able to split the cost of something really pricey with another parent. These groups are great for making local parent connections that help you save.
  • Use Coupon Apps: Some apps track deals on larger websites like Amazon. Use these apps to see where the best deals really are and save when you can.
  • See What You Already Have: Do you really need to buy everything new? Most people have the basics at home already so make sure to check there first.
  • Buy Durable Items: Things like binders come two ways: cheap and pricey. Sometimes, not always but most of the time, the more expensive option is the more durable option and will last longer. It doesn’t make any sense to buy cheap now and replace it three times throughout the year (you’ll wind up spending more).

Stay tuned for more back to school savings posts. We also think you’ll love our “sanity-saving” ideas too (like how to say “no” to another bake sale!). Keep reading!