Minimalism Tip of the Week: Look Down Less

A new phone called ‘The Light Phone’ was front and center in all the tech news last week. The Light Phone is a phone that does not allow you to add apps, text, check or send emails, connect to Bluetooth, or do anything that you probably do with your existing phone. It allows you to make and receive calls. That’s it.

Billed as the world’s first minimalist smartphone, The Light Phone is turning heads because it essentially shuts the world off. The social, connected, distracted world, that is. While The Light Phone has its flaws (it only holds eight contact numbers, for example), the concept is a good one. It’s also a concept that we’re going to borrow from this week with our minimalist tip. That tip is simply: look down less. 

Looking Straight Ahead

People have run into poles. Run into cyclists. Run into other cars. Run into traffic. All because they were looking down. Looking at a social media page. Looking at an email. Looking at a map (whatever happened to the pleasure of getting lost?). Looking at something other than the road or space ahead.

This week, we challenge you to look down less. The challenge, specifically, is to spend one full hour each day this week NOT looking at your phone. Look at the birds. Look at other cars. Look at the people around you. Look at the sky (don’t do this while walking, though!). Just look anywhere but down.

Give your neck - and your brain - a break.