Minimalist Tip of the Week: Stop the Automation

Stuff is the larger problem, but we are driven to buy stuff because our lives are largely automated. This week’s tip is to stop all of that noise by creating silence. Since most of the noise in our lives comes from our phones, spend a few minutes today deleting apps that cause you to purchase stuff. You can also stop following accounts that push you to purchase more stuff.


  • Instagram: how many manufacturers or brands do you follow on Instagram? When you see stuff that you don’t have, you’ll automatically want more stuff. Unfollow those accounts.
  • Facebook: the same goes for Facebook. Stop following any stores or brands on Facebook.
  • Push notifications: do you have apps that were created by various brands or stores? A Walmart app, for example, or a Nordstrom app? If these apps are sending you notifications and updates throughout the day, disable those notifications (settings, notifications).

One Step Further

It also helps to limit the number of times you look at social media throughout the day. The less advertising you see, the less stuff you will want. Try to open your social media apps only 3 times today. Do this all week. You’ll find that you won’t want as much stuff.

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