Minimalism Tip: Why Stuff Is a Problem

Stuff. It’s what we own, what we buy, what we work to purchase. Most stuff sits in our homes though we rarely have time to enjoy it - we are working too hard to buy more stuff. We spend time cleaning our stuff. Taking photos of our stuff. Maintaining our stuff. Or our stuff sits in a corner on top of (or under) other stuff.

Stuff is a real reason why many of us are in debt. We don’t need to get rid of all stuff, but buying less stuff - or stuff that will last longer - will lead to happier lives and less debt. The first step towards wanting less stuff is understanding why stuff is a problem.

Here are some facts about our stuff.

  • 1 in 10 Americans rents storage space to hold more stuff. The average home is not big enough. Storage space rentals have increased dramatically over the past few years.
  • 25% of people that own a two-car garage do not have enough space to park two cars. That space is taken up by lots of stuff.
  • On average, Americans spend more money on fashion items than on college tuition - and college tuition is high in the U.S.
  • Most U.S. homes have more TV’s than people. Who’s watching all of those TV’s?
  • The average American household is more than $7500 in debt.

Starting to See the Picture

Because we are trapped by our need for stuff, we overspend, we buy things we don’t need, we become frustrated and depressed about a lifestyle that is unattainable. But guess what? It can stop. It can all stop. We can get away from debt. We can buy only what we need. We can begin to live happier and healthier lives that are free of clutter and unnecessary goods. We can all do it.

So where do you start? Now that you know some facts about stuff, begin to look around your home at the stuff you have. Start to make a mental note of the things that you do not use. Begin to look at the things that you ‘need’ in another way. Ask yourself, ‘do I really need that stuff? Will it make me happy? Will it really change my life?’

Simply changing your mindset is the first step towards getting rid of stuff. Keep reading our social media posts for a weekly minimalism tip - we want you to get out of debt and see the real value in life, not stuff!