Minimalist Tip of the Week: The Art of Saying ‘No’

How many times have you wanted to say ‘no’ to something, but have wound up saying ‘yes’ anyway? Saying ‘no’ in various situations can generate calm and inner peace. Really.

Here are some times that you should say ‘no’ (but you probably say ‘yes’!):

  1. When being in a situation or place will make you stressed out and uncomfortable. If agreeing to go somewhere or do something that will make you feel uneasy, don’t do it. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and doing something that you just don’t want to do. Do not feel obliged to go somewhere or do anything that causes those stress hormones to climb.
  2. Do not agree to do something that you don’t love to do. If your partner wants to watch movies every night and you just want to read a book, it’s okay to sit down with that book once in a while. It’s also ok not to bake the cookies for the bake sale and not to commit to hosting an event that you don’t love to attend.
  3. It’s okay to say ‘no’ when you are already overbooked. If you already have a ton of stuff on your plate, it’s okay not to take on anything else. Really, when you do not feel obliged to add more to your full schedule, you might leave time to do those things that you actually want to do.

You don’t have to be rude when you say no either - this is often the reason why people say ‘yes!’ Just simple be honest with the person asking, state why you do not want to do something and do not feel pressured to give in. It is okay to say ‘no’ - and guess what? When you do start to turn things down, you will find that you are far more open to saying ‘yes’ to the things that make you happy! Now, isn’t that a good thing?

Minimalism isn’t just about decluttering your desk and home - it’s also about finding inner tranquility, and sometimes that means saying ‘no!’