Minimalist Celebrations

Summer is upon us. Sun and celebration are in the air. So are expenses. With kids out of school, vacations, and all of those backyard celebrations, spending increases during the summer months. Adopting a minimalist attitude this summer means cutting back on money spent and enjoying a calmer environment. One way to do that is to celebrate a minimalist style.

Keeping Things Simple

It’s fun to host a big crowd. To sit back and relax with old friends. To sip on something cool and enjoy those sweet summer breezes. But hosting doesn’t have to mean spending. Remember those days when you were a kid? Remember how simple summertime celebrations were? Take a trip back in time to simpler things.

Here are some great ideas for simpler summertime gatherings:

  • Pot luck: you don’t have to break the bank buying food for your guests. Ask everyone to bring something different - it’s a lot of fun to try new food and a lot cheaper.
  • Skip the decor: all you really need are some simple tablecloths and a few lawn chairs. If you mix up older tablecloths, you can create a really elegant retro look like this one -- and you’ll be recycling too!
  • Make birthday parties simple again: rented animal costumes and jugglers might wow the neighborhood, but is that really what birthdays are all about? Try a cake, a few treats, and some simple barbeque eats -- kids and adults will love this kick-back style.
  • Use your two hands: we’re betting you have some things around the house that will already contribute to a minimalist celebration. Old tablecloths, wood pallets, and indoor chairs can all be used outside too.
  • Buy fresh and create: make the punch, cut up the fruit, freeze the ice cubes. You can buy all of this stuff already prepared but why do that when you can do it yourself? No time? Ask the kids or your friends to help! Things taste so much better when they’re homemade!

You can do things on the cheap this summer and still have a great time. Minimalism is all about not spending more than you have to, so kick back, enjoy the summer, and don’t stress over buying too many things!