Growth Is Found in Introspection and Inspiration

“You don’t want to go to the grave with your music still inside you.” These words were said to me a long time ago, and they still resonate in my head today. The time you have on earth is more important than the education we referenced in the last cover and more important than the money you make. Every day, we are presented with a clean slate, and each of us has a unique opportunity to do something amazing and be a catalyst for growth in the lives of others. But we can’t accomplish this without taking time to reflect on what makes us the unique individuals we are.

When I take a good look at what makes me tick as a human being, I see God at the center of my success and the lessons I’ve learned. He provided me with situations that allowed me to develop a life he could broadcast his grace through. Growing up working at my dad’s gas station taught me many lessons, especially about how to treat people. These opportunities cultivated my ability and desire to help others. I learned that diversity equals opportunities for growth. I learned that I could adopt the great qualities that made each person I surrounded myself with successful. Once I understood the drive I had inside of me, I was always thinking about what could happen if I pushed myself a little harder. Over the years, I also learned that different qualities also had to fit in with my own personal compass, and if quality didn’t fit, it was discarded immediately.

Reflecting on my own skills is only one part of the equation, though. While I learn small lessons from myself, I gain even greater insight from others. Take, for example, the people that I work with. I learn something from them each and every day in the office. There are plenty of great people out there who accomplish nothing because fear holds them back. Not at the Dellutri Law Group. Just because my name is on the sign doesn’t mean that I don’t get my fair share of criticism. Our team is fearless in every respect. They challenge me. They challenge my opinions. They challenge our systems. They are not afraid to tell me “You are nuts” or (my favorite) “That’s the worst idea you ever had.” Fearlessness has always been encouraged, and being afraid to speak will never be tolerated. The word “impossible” is unacceptable, and everyone knows it. Our team never gives up, never stops fighting, and never stops inspiring me.

So, what is it that makes them unstoppable? Our clients.They need us. They trust us. They believe in us. They expect great things from us, and we deliver. It’s pivotal to surround yourself with people who help you get stuff done, celebrate with you when you reach a new goal, and most importantly, encourage you to keep moving forward when you fail. Iron sharpens iron. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” All of us at the Dellutri Law Group think we can.

You can’t go through life with limiting beliefs. I believe you build your own empire, and that empire is inside of your brain. The more quality people you surround yourself with, and the more you look inside yourself, the stronger your empire becomes. We don’t use the words “good enough” in our firm because good enough isn’t good enough for us. We take time to relax and enjoy life, but all the while, we believe that we want to be all used up with nothing left to give when God punches our time cards.