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This e-book will lead you through the steps that you should take to find the best attorney you can at this critical time of your life. I wouldn’t hire a mediocre attorney or a rookie out of law school to protect me, my family, and my assets at a vulnerable time in my life, and neither should you.

In 2008 and 2009 many types of attorneys dipped their toes in the bankruptcy courts because they thought it would be easy. They were wrong. I saw family lawyers, criminal lawyers, etc. all trying to assist bankruptcy clients, and what I saw horrified me. Don’t let this happen to you. Read this e-book and follow its lead, and you will be that much closer to hiring the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Town.

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A month ago, we were all enjoying the best economy in our lives, and we were cruising down the highway of life in our convertibles with nothing but open road ahead. The Coronavirus is a big pot-hole in the middle of the fast lane, and we hit it hard. The initial jolt of the pot-hole sent shivers down our back and brought us back to reality very quickly.

Several miles down the road, and we are all thinking a bit differently. We know we have a problem, we’ve slowed way down, but we are not sure if the wheels are going to fall off the car. All Americans will be affected by this virus, some more than others. Some people will need to deal with creditor and lawsuits because of lost incomes, and it won’t be their fault. How do you justify that? You can’t, it’s not fair.

Uncertainty is the standard that we face today. Businesses phones have stopped ringing. People are losing their jobs. Fear is starting to creep into people’s thoughts and panic is not far behind. If you are watching the stock market, I hope you have plenty of Tums or Mylanta. For goodness sake, there is no toilet paper on the shelves, and don’t even think of turning on the television. Why? Coronavirus. It’s the pandemic that we just cannot get our heads around, and it has everyone very nervous. But, now is not the time to panic, it’s time to plan. It’s time to take action.

It’s times like this that I think of a great movie quote from Nick Fury in Avengers: "Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on."

We have been here before, and together we got through it. If you are one of the millions of people who are going to have trouble paying your bills as they come due, I will tell you that there are already laws in place to assist you, it’s called bankruptcy protection, and it’s nothing to fear. After Coronavirus, the world will continue to spin on, and you need to be ready to seize the opportunities which will be present.

Back in 2008 – 2009 we had a financial and mortgage meltdown. Once again, we were blindsided by something that was not our fault, but we were knee deep in the mess, and many people lost their jobs, homes and savings. Many people could have done things differently had they planned and not panicked. Many people could have used the bankruptcy code to protect their assets and discharge their debts. Many people did file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many people didn’t or, even worse, they used the wrong attorney.

Bankruptcy is nothing to fear. The power of bankruptcy is knowing what you can and cannot do and using the bankruptcy laws to get a fresh start. While bankruptcy should always be your last resort, it should not be ruled out automatically without exploring the possibilities.

Believe it or not, it’s okay to plan so that if you do have to file for bankruptcy protection, all of your ducks are in a row. If you don’t have to file bankruptcy, wouldn’t it be nice to know that as well. The goal is to create a strategy which will get you back on the highway cruising down the road of life once more as the world spins on.

It’s the people who panic and fail to look at all of their options that will have a rough time. Some people think bankruptcy is the end of the road, I don’t. I think bankruptcy, if used wisely, is the road to the future. The key phrase is: if used wisely.

We’ve already had an uptick in phone calls from people panicking; they’ve already lost their jobs or they feel that they see the handwriting on the wall.

I am here to tell you that now is not the time to panic, it’s the time to plan.

By no means am I saying that you shouldn’t be asking all the right questions and figuring out what to do next. Quite the contrary, back in 2008 and 2009, I had many clients who inadvertently made serious financial mistakes, mistake which could have been avoided had they sought out the services of a bankruptcy attorney in the beginning of the crisis.

I saw homes and assets lost that didn’t need to be lost because they waited too long to take action. If these individuals had taken the proper steps, sought the proper advice and didn’t panic, they might have come out in a much better financial position in a shorter period of time.

The people who got into the bankruptcy courts first were the ones who were strategically positioned to capitalize on the opportunities after the financial devastation was over, and they did. These people are the Nick Furys who decided that the world was going to spin on, and they wanted to be part of it.

Because I know the world is not ending, and it will continue to spin on, I decided to provide these resources to everyone facing a financial crisis free of charge.

First, we have a list of bankruptcy Do's and Don’ts. This list was created for individuals to follow so that they don’t make some of the most common mistakes prior to filing for bankruptcy protection. Please read the list and follow these recommendations.

If you would like to download this document, click this link to download:

Click To Download Our Bankruptcy Do's & Don'ts

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