The Power of Testimonials

This month, Dellutri Law Group is proud to announce the unveiling of a new online testimonial section on our website! We’ve been hard at work perfecting this portion of our website; and now, with our new features, our clients have the ability to verify the testimonials. You may ask why we’re doing this.

Testimonials help lend credibility to our services, and they are a great tool for those who are contemplating hiring our firm. Unfortunately, there is usually no way for people to verify those testimonials. Many businesses fake testimonials, and we believe this confuses consumers. Likewise, the Florida Bar does not make attorneys verify testimonials, and we believe this also confuses consumers. That is why we chose to take this issue into our own hands. We want our clients to know that we provide honest service, and that begins with the credibility of the testimonials on our website. If you want to verify any of the testimonials on our site, please visit

Regrettably, bad reviews are a part of business, but sometimes they are completely unwarranted. Recently, you may have noticed a bad Google review when searching for our firm. A gentleman gave us 2 out of 5 stars and left the following review:

“Was not helpful drove from port charlotte just to be referred to another law firm … could have done that over the phone.”

I was surprised by the review since Dellutri Law Group receives consistent 5-star reviews, so I investigated. As it turns out, this gentleman had requested an immediate, free consultation at our Port Charlotte office for what he said was a delicate legal matter. We were unable to accommodate him at that office so quickly, so we offered a complimentary consultation at our Fort Myers office with one of our attorneys. We specifically rearranged the attorney’s schedule to accommodate this gentleman’s urgent need.

The gentleman brought paperwork with him for the attorney to review. At the end of the consultation, the gentleman was thankful for the complimentary consultation, but he was a bit upset because his case required legal services outside of our area of practice. Fortunately, we knew an attorney who would be the perfect fit in Port Charlotte. We not only made the referral, but we also called the other attorney and made arrangements for the meeting to take place. Unfortunately, after going above and beyond, the gentleman thought the consultation could have been completed over the phone. In delicate legal situations, where documents need to be reviewed by an attorney, phone consultations are not as effective as in-person meetings. After the meeting, the gentleman left the review on our Google page.

Dellutri Law Group is not a jack-of-all-trades firm. We specialize in certain areas of law, and we know there are other firms that are better equipped to handle certain types of cases. We accommodated this man’s need for immediate consultation, we rearranged schedules, we reviewed his case and documents, we found him an attorney who could help, and we didn’t charge him a dime. Unfortunately, all he could see was that we wasted his time because he had to drive to Fort Myers for this service. We believe everyone has the right to quality counsel, so we gave him a referral. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. We go the extra mile for our clients — current or potential — and although that gentleman thinks we wasted his time, we believe that we made the most of it.

So, I ask you: Do you think we deserved 2 out of 5 stars?