Will Latest Florida Parasailing Accident Lead to Improved Safety?

The video of Florida’s latest parasailing accident is difficult to watch. It shows Indiana teens Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild slamming into the side of a condominium building. The teens were parasailing just off the coast of Panama City when their parasail broke loose from the boat.

As we have previously highlighted on this Florida Injury Blog, parasailing accidents are not uncommon, particularly in Florida. There have been 33 parasailing accidents in the state since 1998. Six resulted in fatalities. According to the Parasail Safety Council, parasail accidents are frequently due to towline separation from the boat, which occurred in this accident.

Other common causes include equipment failure, high-speed water and deck landings, canopy rotation, line popping, and whiplash. While parasailing accidents can happen with even reputable companies, the danger involved significantly decreases if you choose a reputable operator.

Unfortunately, the parasailing industry has no official licensing requirements, industry standards, or qualifications, so your safety directly depends on the parasailing company you choose. With this in mind, you may want to keep your feet firmly planted on the beach. If you decide to take the risk, find out how long the company has been in business and fit has been involved in any accidents. The parasailing company you do business with should be licensed by both the state and city or county and exist in a well-established location.

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