Dressed to Impress: Strange Lawyer Story of the Week

MDMA has been in the news a lot lately. The street name for MDMA is "ecstasy", and the FDA has recently cited the drug as having major benefits for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But the drug has to be used in a controlled setting in order to have any mental health effects (and it is not approved by the FDA for recreational use).

When used recreationally, MDMA can have other, less desirable, effects. Such is the case concerning Justin Christodoro, 39, of Hackensack, New Jersey. Christodoro is a DUI lawyer that was recently arrested this week for allegedly breaking and entering. Remember, he is innocent until proven guilty. Here's how this strange story of the week goes.

Sleepless in New Jersey

Christodoro was found passed out in his car wearing only a tight black t-shirt and black high-heeled shoes. He was discovered when residents of the home arrived and found a strange car in their driveway. The police were called and Christodoro woke up, put on some sweatpants that were in his car, and was subsequently arrested - but not just for passing out half-naked in someone's driveway.

Police recognized the description of a man wearing high heels and a black t-shirt from a reported break-in that happened earlier in the day. As it turns out, Christodoro entered a different home through a rear unlocked door, much to the shock and surprise of the people inside the home at the time. He realized he was in the wrong home and quickly left. 

What Happened?

Christodoro told police that he has no idea how he would up in someone's driveway or why he was wearing just a t-shirt and heels. After searching his vehicle, police found a plastic bag containing MDMA, and Christodoro was arrested. No further information is available at this time.

There are many possible things that could have happened to bring Christodoro to wear a t-shirt and heels and break into someone's home. While it has not been proven that he was high at the time, this seems to be a very strong possibility. Regardless of the facts, this is our strange story of the week - and we want to know: what would you do if a man dressed only in a tight black t-shirt and heels walked into your house?