Strange Lawyer Story: Married to a Laptop

How far would you go to prove your point? Would you marry your laptop in opposition to same-sex marriage? That’s precisely what former Tennessee lawyer Mark “Chris” Sevier did in 2014. Here’s the story.

No Point Proven

Sevier actively opposes same-sex marriage. He has been outspoken about his stance for a few years now. In 2014, he filed a motion that stated if same-sex couples “...have the right to marry their object of sexual desire… then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object.”

To render his Apple computer a ‘sexual object’ he filled it with pornographic images and videos. At that time the issue was dismissed. But Sevier is at it again. This time around, he is suing the state of Texas stating that he has a ‘14th amendment right’ to marry his laptop.

The Argument

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has asked that the lawsuit be dismissed. Paxton argues that Sevier’s claim is not what the 14th amendment stands for. If you read between those lines, you might deduct that Sevier’s claim is an insult to the 14th amendment - and to those people that use this right for justified causes.

 A Sordid History

This isn’t the first time that Sevier makes the news. According to the publication The Daily Beast, Sevier once sent a nude photograph of himself wrapped in an American flag to country singer John Rich. He has also tried to sue Apple in the past for ‘not warning him about the damage that pornography can cause.’

We will keep a watch out to see if he is successful in his cause. Stay Tuned.