Strange Lawyer Story of the Week: Inappropriate Behavior

Former Arkansas judge, Timothy Parker, has resigned due to allegations that he lowered bail for some people after obtaining sexual favors. Parker has denied these allegations but has resigned regardless.

According to the New York Times, Parker’s resignation letter stated that although he denied the accusations, he was worried about the impact litigation might have on his family. Further, Parker’s term was, as stated in his letter, about to expire.

The Allegations

Parker had been accused of engaging in sexual conduct with some female litigants in exchange for reduced bail and other favors. The allegations noted the dates from 2013 to 2016. Supposedly, videos were obtained and text messages were solicited that provided proof of the former judge’s behavior. None of these documents have been made public.

Parker was also accused of releasing certain people from jail without permission and of giving some people rides home from jail in his personal vehicle. Parker has denied all of this. He claims that he stepped down simply to avoid bringing his family into the public eye amidst these allegations.

Not the First Time

What’s happening in the state of Arkansas? In 2016, former judge O. Joseph Boeckmann Jr. was also accused of trading sexual favors for reduced sentences. Boeckmann also resigned ahead of litigation. The state has yet to appoint another judge to take Parker’s place.

This story makes our ‘Strange Lawyer Story of the Week’ for good reason!