Strange Lawyer Story of the Week: A Lawyer Walked Into a Bank

...and robbed it. That’s how the headlines are reading this morning, anyway! Meighan Marie McSherry was arrested in connection with a bank robbery on August 8. The robbery took place at a Greenwich, Connecticut, bank early that morning. McSherry was found by police outside the bank in a parked car. When police approached her, she did not know how she got there.

According to McSherry’s lawyer, she was in Pound Ridge, New York, the evening prior to the robbery and had no recollection of driving or being driven to Greenwich. The bank teller that was on duty during the robbery claims she was handed a note stating that the robber had a weapon.

McSherry previously worked for Bronx Legal Aid but took a leave of absence approximately one year ago. No further details of the arrest have been released - but this is our strange lawyer story of the week!