Dellutri Law Group's Amanda Downing Picks M.A.D.D For Passion Project

Amanda Downing: Attorney - Passion Project: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk/Distracted Driving)

If you have ever had the pleasure of being one of Amanda Downing’s clients, you’ll know she doesn’t mince words and says what she means when it comes to the opposing side. She has the biggest heart and will fight tooth and nail to bring justice for her personal injury clients.

When asked what the number one thing Amanda has seen in her career that could have prevented an accident, she will tell you “Distracted driving, hands down. Cell phones are the worst!”. Amanda has spent much of her career as an Attorney fighting daily for those accident victims who weren’t at fault

“They did nothing wrong. Imagine driving down the road with your kids, completely minding your own business. You’re following the rules of the road, not using a cell phone, not allowing distractions when suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a drunk driver, head-on, down a one-way road. It’s the absolute worst. I hate having to go to bat for those victims because they never should have been put in that situation, to begin with. It’s just completely unfair.

That’s why when we asked Amanda who she was choosing for her Dellutri Law Group Passion Project, she chose MADD without hesitation. “They are fighting the same fight we are. These are real families, hurting due to someone else’s negligence. They need our help.

Learn more about how you can help MADD here