Dellutri Law Group's Ronnie Fedorczyk Picks March of Dimes for Passion Project

Ronnie Fedorcyzk: Legal Assistant - Passion Project: March Of Dimes

When you meet Ronnie, it doesn't take long to f recognize her enormous heart and genuine character. Which is why it wasn’t shocking learning that she absolutely loves babies! In fact, before she relocated to Florida, she managed an infant room in New Jersey where at any given time she had four assistances and sixteen babies.

When we asked Ronnie who she'd like to choose for her Dellutri Law Group Passion Project, March of Dimes was an effortless decision. They have helped millions of new babies not only survive but thrive since 1938! Most of all, March of Dimes provides research, comfort, and support to families in NICU, and advocates for moms and babies. "I just love babies and I always have. Anything I could do to help the most innocent of lives- babies- I would do in a heartbeat."

To learn more about how you can help the March of Dimes, click here.