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Debt Elimination is Possible – Find Out How

When you are faced with overwhelming debt, the only reliable option to be rid of it might be to file for bankruptcy. Yet you will probably be understandably stressed about the idea of using bankruptcy to fight debt. Isn’t bankruptcy bad and ruins credit? No, actually, this is just a rumor that creditors spread, alongside movies and television shows.

The truth is that bankruptcy could be just what you need to eliminate debt and regain financial freedom The Dellutri Law Group, PA can help you discover all that bankruptcy can do. We are well-versed in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, which are the two most common types filed by individuals and small business owners.

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What is the Dellutri Difference?

Facing financial difficulties can be overwhelming, and filing for bankruptcy is a significant decision. At The Dellutri Law Group, PA, we recognize the emotional and legal complexities involved. We believe that strategic planning with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Fort Myers is crucial for every case, regardless of the amount of debt. By working together, we can help you navigate this process and protect your assets.

When you choose our Fort Myers bankruptcy lawyers, you can expect our firm to:

  • Listen to your questions and concerns about the bankruptcy process
  • Create a strategy to effectively reduce or eliminate your debt
  • Help you restore your financial reputation

Watch Attorney Carmen Dellutri discuss how to interview and choose the right bankrutpcy attorney for your case:

How Do I Know If Bankruptcy is Right for Me?

Financial hardship can strike anyone, due to unexpected events like job loss, medical bills, or divorce. If you're struggling with debt, you're not alone. It's important to explore all your options for managing your debt.

Here are some signs you should consider filing for bankruptcy:

  • Debt Collection Calls: If you're constantly getting calls from creditors, it can be a sign your debt is overwhelming.
  • Strained Finances: Falling behind on essential bills like mortgage or car payments can indicate a need for debt solutions.
  • High-Interest Debt: High-interest credit card or medical debt can make repayment difficult.

At The Dellutri Law Group, PA, we believe in providing honest guidance. While bankruptcy can offer a fresh start for some, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. We're happy to meet and explore your options, even if it means you don't ultimately need our legal services for filing. Our complimentary strategy sessions can equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Should You File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

As mentioned, there are two main types of bankruptcy filings that we handle from our law office in Fort Myers, Florida: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Although the goals of each bankruptcy chapter are the same – eliminating as much debt as possible – the methods are quite different. We can help you determine what bankruptcy filing is right for you based on all the unique details of your debt.

A summary of both types of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: When you have overwhelming debt that has no clear way to remove, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be necessary. It has the power to dispel large amounts of debt at once, but some of your assets and finances could be vulnerable to recollection. Some Florida bankruptcy exemptions could provide protections, though.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: If you are earning a fair wage while also trying to overcome difficult debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the right choice. In this process, you, your attorney, and creditors will create a new debt repayment plan across the next 3 to 5 years. This plan usually starts by reducing your total debt significantly and then staggering out payments for what remains.

How Much Does a Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost in Florida?

You might be wondering how you can afford a bankruptcy attorney if you are going into bankruptcy. This question makes sense, and most of our clients ask it during a complimentary strategy session for Estate Planning, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury with our lawyers. The truth is that the cost of hiring an attorney can vary depending on the complexity of your bankruptcy filing.

However, our promise to you as our client is to offer you competitive rates for all of our legal bankruptcy services. Our goal is to get you through bankruptcy without financial hardship, which means charging a reasonable amount that you can afford once your bankruptcy case closes. Furthermore, in a successful bankruptcy case, there is a high chance that the cost of legal services will be much less than the discharged debts you would have otherwise paid.

Preparing for Your Bankruptcy Consultation in Fort Myers

When you are ready to come to our law firm after hiring us as your Fort Myers bankruptcy attorneys, there are a few things you should bring to us to get your case started. In particular, we will want to see your financial records that show your income, savings, and debt. We should also be provided a list of your major assets that could be at risk of repossession or collection during certain types of bankruptcy filings.

Major assets can vary but typically include:

  • Houses and other real estate properties
  • Cars, boats, and other vehicles
  • Expensive electronics or appliances
  • Certain savings or pension accounts

The more information you can bring us, the better. Do not worry about providing too many documents. We can sort through them all to figure out what we need and build your case around those pieces.

While we get to work, we want you to focus on yourself, your career, and your family. The details of your case are for us to worry about. We will loop you in as you wish, as needed, or as often as you like. Staying in communication with you and to your preferences is just one of many ways that we make your bankruptcy filing as stress-free as can be, just as we have done for people since we were established in 1998.

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The Dellutri Difference

  • Experience & Passion on Your Side

    Our dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, assistants, & staff have been fighting on behalf of our clients since 1998.

  • A Culture of Philanthropy

    In order to give back to our community, each employee at our firm is granted the opportunity to sponsor a charitable cause of their choosing.

  • Communication You Can Count On

    We believe that our clients deserve clear and consistent communication every step of the way, without any unnecessary "legalese."

  • Service Tailored to Your Needs

    We sincerely care about each and every one of our clients and refuse to treat them like a case file to be passed from person to person.

  • A Healthy Firm Culture

    When our employees are happy to come to work, we know that they are capable of overcoming any challenge on behalf of our clients.

  • Free Consultations for Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning

    ​Explore your legal options with confidence at Dellutri Law Group, where we offer free consultations for Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning matters.

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