Entertaining yet Despicable Act Causes Lawyers to Be Debarred for Life

It’s hard to recount this story without thinking of crime novels or suspense movies - but here’s our strange lawyer story of the week (brace yourself!).

It’s Not Fiction

Two well-known radio personalities recently decided to get into a court battle that has wound up being something that the legal world will never forget. ‘Bubba the Love Sponge Clem’ was being sued by radio personality ‘Todd MJ Schmitt’ for defamation of character - that part is relatively normal as far as these things go.

Amidst a heated court battle that lasted a while, the law firm that was representing Clem (Adams & Diaco) did something that is really both entertaining and despicable. A paralegal from the firm happened to stumble upon the lawyer that was representing Schmitt at a local bar (C. Philips Campbell).

After exchanging numerous phone calls and texts with the lawyers representing Clem, she proceeded to spend the evening talking and laughing with opposing counsel - but, no, that’s not the bad part. 

It Gets Worse

At the end of the night, the paralegal persuaded Schmitt’s lawyer to drive her car home for her (presumably claiming that she was too intoxicated to drive). The lawyer drove the car after having a few drinks - right past a police officer that was waiting to give the lawyer a ticket. Yes, the officer was involved in this scheme too (he was a close friend of one of Clem’s lawyers).

It did not take long for Schmitt’s counsel to prove the set up the next day. He proceeded to bring the case to court. The Florida Supreme Court called the case, ‘among the most shocking, unethical and unprofessional’ case they had ever seen. Both lawyers that were representing Clem were debarred for life.

The DUI charges brought against Campbell originally were dropped after the court saw proof that the entire thing was a setup. The police officer that was involved in the sting was also fired.

Fiction Based on Fact

If you’ve ever wondered before where crime novels and movies and even TV shows get their ideas from, well, wonder no more. Fiction is, after all, mostly based on fact.