Cheryl Cherry

Legal Assistant

Cheryl Cherry is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others. She has always enjoyed working with the public and this is what drew her to the Dellutri Law Group. As a DLG family member, Cheryl was most looking forward to learning as much as she possibly could while making a positive impact on the lives of those she assists.

Originally From Chicago, Cheryl has now been a resident of the Sunshine State for over 25 years.

Cheryl's previous work experience includes serving, bartending, mortgage originating, and recruiting. Her love for people and desire to make a difference in their lives has always been at the forefront of her career choices.

When asked about her ultimate dream job, Cheryl shares her love for animals and art. She envisions a place where any animal that needed a home could live, with a little gallery surrounded by animals and art. This would be the perfect environment for her.

Cheryl is proud of her charity work and regularly donates to organizations such as In Touch, Moody Bible, Breast Cancer, Humane Society, Nature Conservatory, and Wounded Veterans.

In her free time, Cheryl loves to draw, read, and crochet. Her favorite quote is "Faith Can Move Mountains!" and she lives by this every day.

Passion Project

As a member of The Dellutri Law Group, I am passionate about supporting organizations that make a positive impact in our community. That's why I have chosen Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife as my passion project for this year. This amazing organization is dedicated to preserving and protecting the beautiful burrowing owls that call Cape Coral home.

I have always been fascinated by wildlife and believe that it is our duty to protect and care for the creatures that share our planet. The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife organization is doing important work by raising awareness about the burrowing owls and advocating for their conservation. I am proud to be a part of this effort and hope that my support will help to make a difference in the lives of these amazing birds.

I first learned about the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife when I moved to the area. I was immediately drawn to their mission and inspired by their dedication to protecting the burrowing owls. As a supporter, I plan to do everything I can to help the organization achieve its goals.

One way that I plan to support the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife is by building a burrowing owl home on my property. This will provide a safe and comfortable space for the owls to nest and raise their young. I am excited to contribute to the conservation efforts of this incredible organization and look forward to making a positive impact in our community.

To learn more about this organization click here

DLG Quick Stats

  • DLG Family Member Since 2023
  • Department: Bankruptcy, Legal Assistant
  • Favorite Quote: “Faith Can Move Mountains!”
  • Email:
  • Direct Line: 239-791-1997