Carmen Dellutri Picks Midwest Food Bank for Passion Project

Carmen Dellutri: Attorney - Passion Project: Midwest Food Bank

As a member of the Christian Community, Carmen feels he has a moral obligation to help those in need. Carmen has mentioned time and time again that the reason he became an Attorney, and specifically a Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Attorney, is because he loves to help others. It’s this drive to help that makes him a natural for volunteering and he has done it most of his life. It’s even something he’s ingrained in his own children. Carmen and his children often volunteer at The Midwest Food Bank, which is why he chose it for his Dellutri Law Group Passion Project.

The Midwest Food Bank is a volunteer-based, national food bank that also focuses on being faith-based. Established in 2003, their mission is to share their love of Christ by alleviating hunger and malnutrition locally and throughout the world.

Carmen believes that when people volunteer, everyone in the community prospers. This is why he has granted all of his employees to participate in The Dellutri Law Group Passion Projects!