Dellutri Law Group's Nathalie Olivo Picks the Boys and Girls Club of Lee County for Passion Project

Nathalie Olivo: Personal Injury Legal Assistant - Passion Project: The Boys and Girls Club of Lee County

Nathalie full-heartedly believes that the youth of the world is in the future. For good reason too! Nathalie has 3 of the cutest kids you will ever see. That is why, if Nathalie had her own charity, the mission would be to help young people see that there are no limits to where you would like to go in life! She would like kids to accept who they are and pursue their own dreams. “I think that all kids should believe in themselves, first and foremost”.

Therefore, Nathalie chose The Boys & Girls Club of Lee County as her Dellutri Law Group Passion Project.

The Boys and Girls Clubs are able to provide millions of our own youth across the county with a safe place to develop essential, useful, and in general, all-around life skills. They hope these children not only grow up with the knowledge of these life skills but also make lifelong connections and go on to one day volunteer in their own communities.

While volunteering Nathalie hopes to create a brighter future for kids. If you asked her what her own definition of an accomplishment is, she would tell you that it is sending a positive message and impacting someone’s life.

Learn more about how you can help The Boys and Girls Club of Lee County here.