Dellutri Law Group's Litzy Mozo Picks Faith Bark Inc. for Passion Project

Litzy Mozo: Front Desk - Passion Project: Faith Bark, Inc.

With Litzy’s calming and patient demeanor, we all assumed she would be picking a charity that focuses on children or animals. We were right! Litzy adores all animals, especially dogs. Dogs are companions in many households across the United States and she believes that animals should be taken care of in the same respect as humans. When asked why she says “they are innocent creatures that love us unconditionally”. That is why she chose Faith Bark Inc. as her Dellutri Law Group Passion Project.  

Their mission at Faith Bark, Inc. is to build a sanctuary for dogs called Chance Ranch. This will enable them to pull dogs off death row from Miami-Dade Animal Services and give them a second chance at life. Her goal is to raise awareness about this charity and to enhance and save the lives of the dogs that are part of it.

Learn more about how you can help Faith Bark, Inc. here.